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The ASVAB Practice Test For Air Force

How The ASVAB Practice Test For Air Force Will Get You Your Ideal Job

ASVAB practice test for air forceThe ASVAB practice test for Air Force can help set you on the path to becoming what every single boy in the entire western world dreams of being at least one time in his youth: A Jet Fighter Pilot. Of course many boys grow up and their priorities change and so does their dream job, once they realise the intense stress the pilots are under. Some of them however still aspire to touch the clouds. Regardless, the ASVAB practice test for Air Force will prepare you for the real ASVAB in a way that will get you wherever it is you’re dreaming of right now.

In the ASVAB, as well as the identical ASVAB practice test for Air Force, each of the nine subjects are compiled to result in Air Force’s line scores. These line scores are the simplest of all the military branches in that there are only four: General, Electronic, Mechanical and Administrative. The main subjects you’ll be tested on in the ASVAB practice test for Air Force are Word Knowledge, Mathematics Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, Arithmetic Reasoning, General Science, Electronics Information, Mechanical Comprehension, Auto and Shop Information and Assembling Objects.

What Jobs Can The ASVAB Practice Test For Air Force Get Me?

Since there are only four line scores resulting from your success in the ASVAB practice test for Air Force, it is fairly straightforward to target your approach toward the role you choose (a skill that you would learn from a good ASVAB study guide). The following will be a list of the top tier jobs you would qualify for with higher results for each line score (these roles are filled almost exclusively by candidates who used the ASVAB practice test for Air Force).

For General scores of 72, the top jobs are in Intelligence, Public Affairs and Broadcasting. For Electronic, you could work with the Systems and Communications Equipment of your choice as long as you score at least 70. The most revered Mechanical jobs come at a score of 60, which have you working mostly with explosives and aircraft weaponry and the most demanding role in the Administrative field is with Logistic Planning and a score of 56. Finally, the absolute highest requirement job is the role of Technical Applications Specialist as they deal on a day to day basis with Top Secret Information. They require Mechanical and Electronic scores of 88 and 85 respectively and you can guarantee they will be familiar with the ASVAB practice test for Air Force.

On the other hand you could aspire to be in the Regional Band where you could learn to play the trumpet, work in Information Management entering data, or the elusive role designated simply ‘Services’. The single best way to achieve these placements is to show up on the day of your ASVAB, having never seen the ASVAB practice test for Air Force and just try your luck. After all you only need an Administrative score of 21 to play the drums.

Take a look at how the other roles compare by going over the ASVAB Scores For Jobs.

Once you’re done there and you decide you want to be a high flier, download this FREE ASVAB Study Guide to be prepared for the ASVAB practice test for Air Force.